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With its 4GB of RAM and $400 gaming PC, this system provides plenty of power to run any game. However, is the 64-bit version of Windows. However, it’s not all bad news. For $350, you can build a system that’s more than powerful enough for any home game. AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper processor and motherboard bring beefy hardware to this $350 budget. Microsoft, however, has placed a. And while the 1TB SSD is upgradable, you'll have to pay for that privilege. If you're looking for a disk drive with twice the capacity as a 1TB drive, the LaCie Porsche Design 2TB USB 3.0.Steven Spielberg's film adaptation of West Side Story has been a long time coming: The 1956 classic musical drama had been in development for decades before any production was ever made. In 2009, Spielberg signed on to helm the film, which features the iconic Leonard Bernstein musical score and production. However, it was not until 2016 that the film actually began principal photography. In a recent press Q&A, Spielberg said that the film is still very early in the production process. "I've never made a movie like this in my life," said Spielberg. "It's a gangster musical, it's a ballet, it's a story of young love in the outer boroughs in New York. It's an ensemble. When I read the play, I thought, this is impossible to make. How are you going to get this to work?" The film is a modern adaptation of the 1956 Tony Award-winning Broadway musical West Side Story. In the film, Tony, a young Puerto Rican, falls in love with a white girl, Maria, and they struggle to make it to an arranged marriage and citizenship in America. Maria has a love interest in Tony's friend, Bernardo, who is of Puerto Rican origin and a member of the Sharks gang. Tony and Bernardo go head to head during a fight at a small neighborhood. Tony and Maria break up, and Bernardo and Maria eventually marry. Tony sets out to take revenge on the Sharks in an escalating series of gang fights. Meanwhile, Tony's mother, Anita, is worried about the outcome of the marriage and orders Tony to break it off with Maria. Tony still loves Maria and refuses. The film's tagline is "We're not gonna make it. But maybe they will." Earlier




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